Rattle protection against suspension noises

The SPACCER system is also ideally suited to dampen suspension noises. Sometimes there is a rattling noise coming from the front or rear axle of the vehicle. The cause is often a spring that rests not fully on the spring collar, which may the case after a lowering. The stiff spring steel at the spring ends and the steel of the spring collar won't adapt to each other. Contact areas of less than 10 percent are quite common. The results are noises coming from the axles - "it rattles and creaks". SPACCER is the remedy. Its patented form and the flexible aluminium adapt perfectly to spring and spring collar and work as absorbers dampening noises. The optional SPACCER rubber profile even enhances this positive effect what makes it the ideal rattle protection. It only takes one SPACCER set per axle to eliminate all rattling and creaking.