TÜV / Dekra approval and registration

Jede Bestellung wird inklusive Eignungserklärung und Fakt-Prüfbereicht ausgeliefert. Zur einfachen Eintragung bei der Motorfahrzeugkontrolle

For every vehicle that is to be equipped with SPACCER, a TÜV test report with a registered vehicle identification number (VIN) is supplied. With this document, the TÜV (West Germany) or Dekra (East Germany) carries out a change acceptance according to §19 (2) and §21 StVZO. When the changes are accepted, the correct condition of the vehicle is checked after the SPACCER has been installed and confirmed with a certificate. A change of the vehicle documents is only necessary if, for example, the vehicle owner or the place of residence of the vehicle owner change. If this is not the case, it is sufficient to have the certificate with you in the vehicle as proof of the operating license.

The following test organizations are officially recognized in Germany and are happy to register their vehicle elevation. It doesn't matter which organization you choose for it. All are obliged to register.TÜVThe "Technical Inspection Association", or TÜV for short, is the best-known testing organization and is also known beyond Germany. It is divided into the three companies TÜV Süd, TÜV Rheinland and TÜV Nord as well as independent companies TÜV Thuringia and TÜV Saarland.Dekra The German Motor Vehicle Monitoring Association, or Dekra for short, has around 480 branches nationwide and 38,500 test centers in workshops. KÜSKÜS stands for motor vehicle monitoring organization for freelance motor vehicle experts. He is in direct competition with TÜV, GTÜ and Dekra. Although it was only founded in 1991, around 1,500 test engineers now work for KÜS.GTÜ The Society for Technical Monitoring, GTÜ for short, is a testing organization with around 2,500 test engineers. In 1977 it now has annual sales of around EUR 400 million.