Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Each SPACCER is manufactured individually according to the chassis number of your vehicle and therefore usually has a delivery time between 6-10 working days.

The SPACCER system is custom-made and fits into vehicles of all manufacturers and series.

Individual SPACCER have the elasticity to adapt to the unevenness at the spring end and spring plate, which a large single block would not be able to do.

If you raise a motor vehicle, there must always be at least 4 cm of remaining spring travel. With all vehicles, the camber, track or axle geometry usually never changes. Why? Because the lift is carried out within the tolerances approved by the TÜV guidelines. Every time a new type of vehicle is approved, the manufacturer must prove that the vehicle can be lowered by about 5 cm and also raised. There are legal provisions for this that every manufacturer must adhere to! This means that every manufacturer sells the car in a medium residual spring travel position for series delivery. Now many suspect that a higher suspension will make the driving behavior spongy or that the car will tend to rock more easily. However, this is not the case. By raising it, the car is much more stable in the border area. Why? Because the shock absorber has less remaining spring travel due to the lift. A car before the lift, for example, has a maximum downstroke of 10cm. After a 4cm lift, this is only 6cm. The car can thus only rebound 6 cm when driving a wagging course and thus tends to roll 4 cm less. During normal driving, however, you will not notice any of this, as a vehicle always works with a regular suspension travel of 4-5 cm. At the limit, for example when it comes to an abrupt evasive maneuver, you will notice that the car is now really safe in the hand and does not break out as quickly as in the standard condition.

A quick and easy way to simulate the lift is to raise the corresponding vehicle with the original jack sideways to the desired height.

SPACCER dampen the development of noise. Thanks to the special aluminum used and the patented shape, it acts like a buffer between the spring ends and the spring plate. This effect can be reinforced by the optionally available, wear-free rubber profiles for SPACCER.

You can raise your vehicle by a maximum of 48mm. Each SPACCER is 12mm high and, according to the TÜV certificate, you can place up to 4 SPACCER on top of each other.

In theory, you can put as many SPACCER as you want on top of each other. However, only a maximum of 4 SPACCER on top of each other are TÜV-approved.

You can order SPACCER either in your specialist workshop, online, by telephone or by fax.

The Spaccer lift kit can be carried out by any specialist workshop. Due to the simple assembly, installation by ambitious amateur screwdrivers is also possible. Mounting instructions are enclosed with each order.

SPACCER are made from a special aluminum alloy individually for each vehicle.

An examination by the Kraftfahrtechnisches Prüf- und Ingenieurzentrum Fakt GmbH showed that no damage or deformation could be measured during a load change over 500,000 km.

SPACCER can be installed either above or below the spring. Illustrated installation instructions are included with your purchase, in which the recommended position is indicated.

If you have the option of using a spring compressor to compress the spring when it is installed, the shock absorber does not have to be removed for SPACCER assembly. In any case, dismantling makes assembly easier and is therefore recommended.

No, because in contrast to other systems, SPACCER retains the original suspension. This does not change anything in terms of comfort and the system can even be used with electronic chassis.

If you want to expand the SPACCER again, for example to sell a vehicle, this is possible without restrictions. Since no original parts have to be removed or changed for installation, dismantling is possible at any time.

With its patented profile, the SPACCER securely encloses the spring without additional fasteners. This prevents it from slipping. The end cap on the SPACCER keeps the spring in its original position.

The installation time depends on the vehicle model and type of strut. The guide time of the respective manufacturer for a spring change serves as a guide. This is usually between 30-60 + minutes per bike.