SPACCER is the lift with additional improvement of the driving dynamics in the limit area

The patented SPACCER system for cars, mobile homes and commercial vehicles increases driving comfort and improves the road holding of the vehicle.

At the same time, the roll point is reduced. From a physical point of view, it influences the cornering behavior of the vehicle via the vehicle springs. This is neutralized and improved by the vehicle lift with the SPACCER. 95% of the car manufacturers install longer shock absorbers to enable the car to be raised later (unfortunately, most people are not aware of this).

Perfectly developed custom-made lift kit according to the chassis number

Due to the too long original shock absorber piston rods, the vehicles in the standard condition often appear a bit spongy and in the limit area the car often tends to oversteer. SPACCER® improves the driving behavior because the car can no longer swing up so far. The driving behavior is noticeably better with the same spring characteristics / spring comfort. So the question arises: "Why do automobile manufacturers install shock absorber piston rods that are too long?" The reason is quite simple. Automobile manufacturers sell vehicles worldwide. And it is therefore plausible that a normal car cannot drive with standard spring deflections on the roads in Afghanistan, for example. Just as little as a hunter who constantly has to drive on bad roads would have too little spring travel. There are many examples and so you can logically put the car higher, otherwise many car manufacturers would not be able to sell their vehicles. The technology is already installed and what is possible can be measured via the remaining spring travel:

Specially made springs for lifting was yesterday

Manufacturers of accessory springs for retrofitting must always change the characteristics of the original springs in order not to infringe the copyright of the automobile manufacturer. It is almost impossible for a manufacturer of accessory springs to go into detail about every characteristic curve of a spring. As a rule, a spring is then manufactured for different types, although a petrol model (light spring) and a diesel model (heavy spring) are different.

Here is an example: A single vehicle type has up to 30 different springs on the front and rear axles. The aftermarket would therefore have to produce 30 different suspension springs.

This is economically impossible and a reason why a spring is produced for a vehicle type, which often acts too hard and is uncomfortable to drive in practice. In addition, the height cannot be adjusted.

The perfect solution

With SPACCER, on the other hand, the situation is completely different because the system is exclusively geared towards raising the springs. SPACCER offers a multi-stage lift of 12mm, 24mm, 36mm and 48mm with or without a rubber profile for the perfect adjustment of the height (1 SPACCER = 12mm lift + 3mm per SPACCER for a rubber profile). No spring manufacturer can offer that. With the SPACCER system, the customer gets exactly what he wants without any disadvantages for the driving dynamics.

In summary, this means: The car manufacturers generally install longer shock absorber piston rods for their vehicles that can be used worldwide, so the car manufacturer has already prepared the lift kit. The entire axle geometry of the vehicle is already geared towards lifting. With leaflet 751 Appendix 2, the KBA (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) makes clear specifications for lifting. The approvals issued by the TÜV for the residual spring travel can be read on the SPACCER homepage at

lifting platform

Residual spring travel has been checked by the automobile manufacturer

  1. Steering, tipping and braking behavior with handling in unloaded and loaded condition - keyword: permissible axle loads
  2. Driving behavior at high speeds
  3. Driving behavior on bad roads
  4. strength of the components
  5. Load on the chassis springs and attachments
  6. Angle difference of cardan / cardan shafts

Block dimensions and block dimension reserves of the suspension springs are supplied free of charge by SPACCER spring travel limiters. The piston strokes of the shock absorbers remain technically unchanged.

Electronic dampers are not affected by the lift kit. This is the flow of oil in the damper.

At SPACCER, everything is perfectly matched to each individual vehicle using the chassis number. SPACCER are produced using data from the original spring in a 3D process. There are no known technical disadvantages when adhering to the remaining spring travel.

At you can read what is technically permissible for the vehicle in question, without any disadvantages for driving dynamics.

SPACCER International is a protected world brand and delivers to more than 150 countries on all continents. SPACCER International manufactures for over 300 automobile manufacturers, over 7,000 vehicle models and almost 60,000 types of springs. SPACCER are made for 98% of all vehicles in Germany. Inventor and patent owner is Franz Hamann with 40 years of experience in the fields of tuning, chassis technology and racing. SPACCER was founded in 2000. After 8 years of research and development, sales officially started in 2008.

In addition to private customers and dealers, we also supply large corporations such as Europe's largest car dealership, Porsche Holding in Salzburg. It is a of Volkswagen AG with 32,900 employees, active in 22 European countries as well as in Colombia, Chile, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Japan, where SPACCER is listed as a factory supplier. As a globally recognized and protected brand, SPACCER is recognized in the countries as a solution partner - from conception to execution to support and aftersales. SPACCER meets the requirements for technical vehicle acceptance worldwide - in Switzerland, for example, with a FAKT test report and a declaration of suitability for the SPACCER. Depending on the remaining spring deflection, a lift of up to 48 cm is possible with acceptance by the motor vehicle inspection (MFK). All other countries and regions are managed centrally by SPACCER International. The Middle East/Africa region is controlled by SPACCER Israel where all government requirements and tests have been met. According to customs guidelines, entries can be made directly in the vehicle registration document. SPACCER® is the first recognized and accepted manufacturer for vehicle lifts in Israel. For more information, see SPACCER is a registered trademark Made in Germany!