Rubber Profile

The optional rubber profile is available for all SPACCERs

For additional lift you can insert an optional rubber profile in its dedicated mounting groove. The rubber profile will add another 3mm (.12 in) to the 12mm (.47 in) lift per SPACCER resulting in a total lift of 15mm (.59 in) for each SPACCER / rubber profile combination. The rubber profile is 3.8mm (.15 in) thick and will be compressed to 3.0mm (.12 in) when installed.

Benefits of SPACCER / rubber profile combination

  • 3mm (.12 in) additional lift Enables finer tuning of degree of lift Enhanced ride comfort due to shock absorbing and noise dampening effects

If you purchase only one SPACCER with rubber, ensure that this one is mounted to the first SPACCER. Rubber profiles can be mounted to individual or to all SPACCER. Rubber profiles are only available in combination with SPACCERs.